The Overland Outdoorsman

We are kicking off the men’s gift guide series with some must haves for the overlanding outdoorsman in your life. If you’re not sure if he fits that bill, just answer these three questions. Does he drive a truck or SUV? Does he like camping? Does he talk about going on extended road trips across the Baja desert? If so, he’s into overlanding, and the following gifts will surely make his Christmas morning. 

Dometic Fridge 

An absolute necessity for any true overlanding setup, this fridge was the one piece I missed desperately on my road trip last October. Even if his truck is more of a pavement princess, you’ll appreciate the ice cream staying frozen when you send him to the grocery store. Check out the 45 if you want something smaller.

Rigd Supply UltraSwing

Oh boy. When I envision my dream build, you better believe this is part of it. It’s basically a camp kitchen & spare tire rack that doesn't inhibit the use of your trailer hitch. In truth, it’s expensive and likely unnecessary, but it’s awesome. These are gifts after all. 

GSI Pinnacle Pro Stove

Packable, lightweight, and powerful, this stove gets the job done even when the wind is howling. 

Pakmule Pro 

A truly unmatched cargo hitch carrier, Pakmule delivers an overbuilt, premium experience to safely transport all your gear. With features such as their pakmule porch, bike mount, and rod holders, this truck accessory turns heads and changes lives. Level up your road trips and keep the whole family happy. 

Paka PAKAFILL Puffy Jacket

A puffy jacket made with alpaca fur?? You heard correctly. Featuring the second warmest material on earth, Paka makes eco-friendly gear at unbeatable prices. Their newest release, the PAKAFILL Lightweight Puffer excels in packability and warmth. Don’t wait though, they sold out in 30 minutes for their first release. 

Bodum French Press

Coffee on the road is an absolute essential if you’re severely addicted to caffeine like me. (Laughs nervously) We tried our best to make use of our moka pot, but a french press would have been a better option. This double-walled one protects your hands while keeping your delicious brown water hot. Another option is this one by Stanley, though I haven’t had the chance to give it a shot.

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Cook. Eat. Clean. Rinse. Repeat. Dishes are one of the few downsides of camp cooking, and I always recommend keeping the kitchen to a minimum. One bowl/plate, one spork, and one knife should get the job done. 

Biolite Headlamp

One of the most overlooked things when it comes to camping is how dark it can get early in the evening. Lighting is an absolute necessity, and having a comfortable but bright headlamp really makes life so much easier once the sun sets. 

Helinox Chair

A comfortable camp chair that’s lightweight and packs up small is great whether you’re tailgating, car camping, or just hanging out. With accessories like rockers and a sunshade available, this one is hard to beat. Another option I’ve heard great things about is the Nemo Stargazer Chair.

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