The Overland Outdoorsman

Does he drive a truck or SUV? Does he like camping? Does he talk about going on extended road trips across the Baja desert? If so, he’s into overlanding, and the following gifts will surely make his Christmas morning. 

 dometic fridge


Dometic Fridge

An absolute necessity for any true overlanding setup, this fridge was the one piece I missed desperately on my road trip last October. Even if his truck is more of a pavement princess, you’ll appreciate the ice cream staying frozen when you send him to the grocery store. Check out the 45 if you want something smaller.


rigd ultraswing


Rigd Supply UltraSwing

Oh boy. When I envision my dream build, you better believe this is part of it. It’s basically a camp kitchen & spare tire rack that doesn't inhibit the use of your trailer hitch. In truth, it’s expensive and likely unnecessary, but it’s awesome. These are gifts after all. 

  peak design iPhone case


Peak Design iPhone Everyday Case

Making the change to this phone case has made navigation, content creation, and even my proposal so much easier. I already have a number of pieces to Peak Design’s system, so this was an obvious choice. Plus if you grab a creator kit you can even use it with all the GoPro attachments.


 chef rack



Chef Rack

After meeting Josh in Snow Basin at Outdoor Adventure X Fest, we immediately hit it off thanks to our love of cooking and all things outdoors. Not only is he a great guy, but he’s a pretty cool entrepreneur with an exciting product. Designed for those meals on wheels, his Chef Rack is a hitch mounted kitchen that keeps all the essentials in reach, meaning campsite cooking is no longer a tedious task, but a fun and easy way to fuel up for your next adventure.


 pendleton board shirt


Pendleton Board Shirt

A great layering piece is essential for roadtripping. I love Pendleton’s Board shirt, because it not only looks great, but offers an appropriate amount of warmth when whipping down the highway or coming in from the surf.

bellroy duffel lite 


Bellroy Duffel Lite

Weighing in at only 600 g this bag keeps all your essentials at the ready without weight you down. Headed to the coast? Throw in a pair of QuickDraw pants and your favorite lightweight sun hoodie. Headed to the crag? Do the same, but add your climbing shoes. Unlock unlimited potential for your 63 hours of bliss.

zilker midnight rider


Small Business Spotlight

Zilker Belt Midnight Rider

Add a bit of class to any outfit with Zilker Belt’s Midnight Rider. Designed in Austin, made in Argentina, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a pair of Char QuickDraw pants.

pakmule scout black 


Small Business Spotlight

Pakmule Scout

The guys over at Pakmule have been making some awesome products for quite some time now. Their hitch carriers are second to none, and their latest release is a lighter version of their flagship carrier. Best of all, they’re doing a limited run of their Scout in all black.


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