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These gifts are for the guy whose idea of a good time is a dinner party for his friends. He's always working on a recipe, his fridge looks like a fermentation lab, and he definitely mastered sourdough during the pandemic. At least it's an obsession everyone can enjoy.


breville control freak


Breville Control Freak

If he’s REALLY into cooking, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Need to perfectly fry some chicken? Done. Need to temper some chocolate? Easy. Need to hold an emulsion? No problem. The possibilities are endless with this precision machine.


le crueset dutch oven


Le Crueset Round Dutch Oven

When nothing but the best will do, the Le Creuset dutch oven is what you need. This work of art spares no expense, offering superior heat retention and food release in return. They’ve been making them since 1925 in France and it shows. While cast iron is great on its own, the enamel coating is super beneficial when making more acidic dishes that can be potentially tough on raw cast iron, and offers further protection when soaking stubborn food stuck to the bottom.



Made-In Carbon Steel 12" Pan

Often, more is less when it comes to cooking. The simplicity of this carbon steel pan is what makes it so wonderful. After building up a quality seasoning, this workhorse is capable of handling any dish you can think of, all while maintaining a nonstick surface without the fear of consuming plastic. Best of all, you can use a metal spatula on it.



Made-In Carbon Steel Griddle

I love me some flapjacks in the morning, and it’s hard to beat a griddle when it comes to flapjack production. Not to mention the smash burger, quesadilla, and grilled cheese potential, this thing opens up so many possibilities for your stovetop. While I don’t think its quite as versatile as the pan due to the low walls, it’s a great addition to any kitchen nonetheless.


brad leone big boy 


Lamson Brad Leone 8” Cleaver

As my knife collection continues to grow, this blade remains a workhorse in my kitchen. I love the extra weight they carry behind the blade, the ergonomic handle, and the fact that never have to worry about them rusting like my carbon steel knives. Plus, they look awesome alongside the rest of my knife collection. In all seriousness, having a cleaver comes in handy far more often than you might expect.

 lamson turners


Lamson Turners

With everything I buy for my kitchen, I but it with the intention to last.

 meat grinder


KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment

KitchenAid makes an already fantastic product even better with this nifty attachment. While it may not be the work horse that competitors offer, it does enable anyone to grind brisket trim into burgers or venison into sausage, and the space it saves is not something to scoff at. It’s a great option for any budget, and opens up a world of possibilities for the home chef in your life.

 copper saucier


Made-In Saucier

For home cooking, I generally prefer a saucier due to the rounded edges and overall versatility. A copper one just takes it up a notch thanks to it’s wonderful thermal conductivity and lustrous appeal in any kitchen.

 made in copper saucepan


Made-In Saucepan

If he prefers to run his kitchen like The French Laundry, a proper saucepan is really what he needs. An equally impressive piece, this saucepan will allow him to whip together a hollandaise sauce for a nice breakfast in bed.

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