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Everyone knows men are just large children with more expensive toys. Get them something they’re sure to appreciate this holiday season.



Aer City Pack X-Pac 

I’m a bit of a backpack addict and I’m extremely picky about features. While we’ve got our own EDC backpack in the works, it’s not out yet, and I owe everyone a recommendation in the meantime. This lightweight backpack from Aer has a bunch of features, and should make a great carry-all until we launch our own. Make sure you’re following us on social media and that you’ve subscribed to our email list of you want to stay in the loop.



Smith Riptide

I am more likely to leave the house without my phone, wallet, and keys than I am without a pair of sunglasses. Smith’s ChromaPop technology is the equivalent of using Lightroom, but it works in real time. This is a solid frame that should fit most faces.



Bellroy Slim Sleeve Bi-Fold Wallet

Wallets are tricky to buy for others, but I think this model checks a lot of boxes and will feel right at home in his bag or pocket. You can’t go wrong with this one. 


Pocket Knives

Spyderco Smock

Probably my favorite pocket knife on the planet at the moment.

Spyderco Ikuchi

Another one from my collection, the Ikuchi is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to carry a knife but prefers something a bit more refined. An extremely classy knife for the distinguished gentleman in your life.

Benchmade Mini Bugout

This would be my go to if I preferred a smaller knife. If minimalist is his style, this will fit the bill. It’s also $20 less than most retailers. Don’t pass this one up.



Casio G-Shock 

An iconic watch that measures the make of a man as well as the time. Perfect for everyday use, but not so off-putting that it detracts from a finer fit when he needs to look presentable.

Omega Seamaster

If Poseidon wore a watch, he would take after 007 and don this beauty. Omega > Rolex.

Seaholm Flats Chronograph

This newcomer to the world of watches is one I’ve been dying to get my hands, or should I say wrist, on. The tan colorway offers something unique without looking gaudy. I expect Seaholm to be a popular brand before long, but for now, you can get ahead of the curve and land one of these incredible timepieces that will last a lifetime. 

Vero Fulcrum

A great prytool/bit driver. Handy around the house, and out on the town.

Apple AirPods Pro

Headphones are such a tricky thing to recommend. They don’t fit everyone, don’t pair with all devices, and people have different needs. I like the airpod pros myself because they are great for phone calls and fit well in my pocket. A great EDC item unless you have an android.

Tactile Turn Side Click Pen

A pen is infinitely useful in the hands of a man. Made in Texas, Tactile turn creates premium pens that age beautifully, Think of the patina, and grab him one this holiday season. He’ll be sure to show his gratitude.

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