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His Instagram is more aesthetically pleasing than The Louvre, yet has almost no pictures with you in them. I can’t fix that problem, but these are some great options no matter what kind of camera he’s using.

Peak Design Tripod 

This made my list last year as well and for good reason. I really want one. I’ve shared some alternatives below, but they simply serve as placeholders until I decide I should buy one. If he’s into cameras at all, he’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Bellroy 10L Sling

Larger than the previously mentioned sling, bellroy offers a sidekick to any photographer. 

Ember Mug 

A great addition to the editing booth, the ember mug will keep his coffee warm and his veins caffeinated. Medically speaking, I don’t believe that’s how it actually works, but you get the idea.

Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap

In all honesty, I hate carrying my camera. It’s clunky when I wear it over my shoulder, and I worry about dropping it when I carry it in hand. But that’s where a wrist strap comes in handy. If my camera isn’t in my bag, I can almost guarantee you’ll find it on my wrist. Here’s the shoulder strap if that’s more his speed.

iPad Pro 12.9’’

Somewhat of a wild card here, the iPad Pro has really been a useful tool for my workflow. Paired with Apple Pencil, I can quickly edit in both photoshop and Lightroom even while on the move. It’s not a replacement for a desktop editing studio, but for social media and web posts, I really enjoy it.

SanDisk Extreme SSD

Capable of carrying up to 2 TBs of data, this mini but mighty storage drive 

Nomatic x Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack

As a rather particular photographer, I have tried multiple backpacks in search of a good option to carry my camera gear. 

JBL Bluetooth Portable speaker

This was a play I saw executed flawlessly by my friend, Alex. Playing some tunes really takes the pressure off during a photo shoot, and creates more natural & candid shots. Could be the move. 

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