The Redfish Wrangler

He’s at the coast again. Who’s surprised? These gifts are sure to encourage him to go back, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Old Town Topwater 120 PDL Kayak

I’ve been thinking about buying a kayak for well over 15 years now. Having watched one of my best friends work his way through 4 of them, I’ve learned a fair bit along the way. Pedal drive is an absolute must. Not only does it allow fishing while moving, but it also means you don’t have to fuss with a paddle if you don’t want to. The fact that this one is designed for saltwater use makes it all the better. You already know it’s on my list this year, even if I have to buy it for myself.

Bote Flood Aero Inflatable Paddleboard

While an inflatable paddleboard seems questionable at first, I assure you this wonderful piece will find its way into your trunk on every adventure, and for good reason. It packs down into its own backpack and is easily accessorized for whatever use case he might enjoy. Just don’t forget to pick up a paddle.


Hardy Zephrus 9’6’’ 7 wt

I’ve been eyeing this rod for awhile, and it's about time I pulled the trigger on it. The additional length makes line pickup a breeze and can make all the difference in the flood tides when tailers move about through the spartina and are gone in an instant. Only downside is it can feel a bit undergunned in heavy winds. 

Lamson Cobalt 9’ 8 wt 

Another rod on my list, Lamson comes out swinging with their cobalt. Having been a long time fan of their reels, for an intermediate rod, the cobalt has lots of appeal for the modern angler, and at under $500, it’s hard to pass up when it checks so many boxes.


Hatch Icon 7+ Reel 

The dream. A magnificent piece of engineering. It’s on every anglers list, even if it’s purely wishful thinking.

Lamson Speedster-S Reel

The little brother to the Litespeed, this saltwater-capable reel is a machine. 

Lamson Litespeed M (Factory Seconds) 

I’m a bit of a gambler and with fly fishing equipment being so expensive as it is, I rarely pass on a good deal. I personally own three of their reels and have recommended them to countless others. I think it’s a safe play to say the factory seconds of one of their greatest reels will be fair game for most anglers.


Simms Flyweight Pliers

Top of the line, ergonomic pliers for any occasion. They'll never rest, and the blades can be replaced as needed. 

Gerber Needlenose Magniplier 

Another option is the Gerber Magniplier. A quality tool, these pliers offer high-end capability at fraction of the price.



Orvis Pro Ignitor Fly Line

Tired of spooking fish? This line will pick up and drop flies in the zone with minimal false casting. Save his trip to the coast and throw this line under the tree. Pair it with the Rio Redfish/Seatrout Leader and he’ll be set.

Simms Bugstopper Sun Gloves

Scaly hands are never fun, yet they're often overlooked when out on the water. If he's fighting anything that pulls drag, the padded finger guards will also come in handy. 

Simms Flats Sneaker

With rumors these might be discontinued, I’m rushing to pick up a pair this year. If he ventures the coast ever, it’s worth grabbing him a pair just in case.

Cliff Bugger Beast Fly Box

One of the most popular fly boxes and with good reason. It’s pretty light, holds tons of flies, and he’ll never lose it.

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