The Slope Shredder

The Slope Shredder

Somehow he’s always on the side of a mountain. Snow seems to follow him and he follows the best lines of every run. You won’t keep up with him, but it’s worth ensuring his fun and safety. 



686 GT GORE-TEX Jacket 

My typical outfit when taking on the cold involves multiple layers, allowing me to shed excess warmth when it’s unnecessary. I opt for a lighter weight shell for my outermost layer, and this Gore-Tex equipped jacket offers just that. 

Stoic Full Zip Jacket 

In truth I know little about this jacket aside from the fact that I like the color palette. Visibility is important to me, because I like my team being able to find me even when buried in a tree well. Grab one now while they’re 50% off. You can always return it later.



Smith I/O Mag Snow Goggle 

Just picked up a pair of these earlier this year and I cannot wait to put them to the test. I was pretty adamant about having interchangeable lenses, and these come with a second swappable lens off the bat, meaning I can tackle each day without sacrificing visibility. The lowlight really comes in clutch when trying to avoid icy patches on overcast days. While a bit pricier than some options, Smith makes incredible lenses and ChromaPop really makes them shine. 



Hestra Fall Line Glove 

Gloves are one of the most important parts of any kit for taking on the mountain. Cold fingers make everything difficult, but bulky gloves and mittens are equally frustrating. I have a pair of Hestras that have kept me warm for 5+ years of 20+ days on the mountain. I almost never wear glove liners, but have room in them if needed, just size up accordingly. More importantly, I never feel restricted in them, and can buckle/unbuckle my bindings quickly when needed. Keep them dry and they’ll keep you warm. Check these out if he likes a bit more of a cuff. Hestra Army Leather Gore-Tex Glove


Best way to keep your fingers warm? Keep your core warm. If your body doesn’t have to worry about protecting your core, it can supply blood throughout your extremities. Merino Wool is a favorite of mine, and I always opt for a higher percentage to reap all the benefits of this wonderful material. I’m also partial to Smartwool since they were started in Steamboat.

Baselayer Shirts

Smartwool Men’s Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer Crew 

Smartwool Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer 1/4 Zip  

Backcountry Lightweight Crew

Backcountry Midweight ¼ zip

Baselayer Pants

Smartwool Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer Bottom 

Backcountry Lightweight Bottom

Backcountry Midweight Bottom



Wired In-Helmet Audio

While these come in both a wired and wireless version, I would save the money and go for the wired version. Connectivity issues become annoying, and I prefer to deal with a single piece of technology instead of the pair. If the wire is a concern, check out the wireless pair here.


Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis

As an avid snowboarder, I’ve consistently picked my snowboard for powder days over the past dozen years, but that might change this year. These powder hounds seek out even the faintest whiff of glorious whitespace, and they look awesome while doing it. Will you see me on skis this whole winter? Maybe.


Need a curated recommendation? Message me and I can set you up with the perfect kit!

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