The Trout Technician

Next up we’ve got your fishy friend covered. These are some awesome pieces for the guy who always seems to be posting grip n grins with big beautiful trout. Fly fishing is an expensive obsession so I apologize in advance that they didn’t find a cheaper hobby. 


Fenwick Aetos 9 ft 6wt

Whether he needs another rod in his arsenal or is looking for his first, Fenwick offers a great entry level rod that casts better than many rods 3x its price. I’ve put multiple people onto this rod and everyone agrees it offers incredible value for the price. 

Greys Tital Fly Reel

This eye-catching design from across the pond is turning heads and making believers left and right. Having heard great things, I’m eager to put one through the wringer myself in hopes it lives up to the hype.

Fishpond Nomad Grande Guide Net

The one net to rule them all. Fishpond has been a leader in fishing gear for quite some time, and I promise this net has made the list of whoever you’re shopping for a dozen times if he’s into fly fishing whatsoever.

Orvis Trout Pro Textured Line

I purchased this line last year and it has really improved the castability of my old rod. Fly line is not something to skimp on.

Simms G4Z Guide Stockingfoot Waders 

If my current waders ever fail, these will be my upgrade, guaranteed. That zipper is a game changer for obvious reasons, especially if you prefer to stay hydrated. 

Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

I’ve owned a pair of these for over 6 years now, and they’ve been through it all. 

Simms Guide Guard Neoprene Socks

While a lot of fishermen opt for sandals like Chacos when wet wading in warm weather, sometimes it's nice to have more support and the added warmth of boots and neoprene. 

Fishpond El Jefe Grande Net

The best net money can buy. The one that all guides use. Make his day by hiding one of these under the tree. It’s been on my wishlist forever.

Orvis Lightweight Wading Jacket 

Equally proficient at providing shelter from the rain as it is the water he’s wading through, this incredible jacket features specialized cuffs that create a watertight barrier around the wrist, thereby ensuring sleeves stay dry and fish stay wet. 

Orvis Pro BOA Wading Boots

The best boots money can buy in my humble opinion. I’ve trudged through many miles and many states in these. I wouldn’t even bother with the studs.  

CHIEF Logo Hat 

Every guy loves a good hat. Ours are made from UV performance tech fabric that offer sun protection and offer great breathability so hot heads stay cool.

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