The Trout Technician

Next up we’ve got your fishy friend covered. These are some awesome pieces for the guy who always seems to be posting grip n grins with big beautiful trout. Fly fishing is an expensive obsession so I apologize in advance that they didn’t find a cheaper hobby.  


 paka midweight puffer


PAKA Men's PAKAFILL® Midweight Puffer

This jacket has quickly become my go to. It sheds light rain, regulates temperature super well, and is super comfortable for a chilly morning/evening. Did I mention it’s made with eco-friendly alpaca wool instead of down? Yeah it’s that awesome.

trout pro III 

TFO Pro III Trout Rod

An impressive entry level rod, the Pro III Trout rod catches tons of fish, offers decent castability, and is an absolute bargain. Do I have far nicer rods in my arsenal? Yes, but they do not get put through the wringer like this one does, and I am far more likely to have this in my truck.


NTR Reel



This has to be the most affordable machined reel on the market. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Does it catch fish? Most definitely. The adjustability on the drag is a slight concern but I landed numerous 20" fish on this reel this year, so it works well enough

nomad net


Fishpond Nomad El Jefe Net

Every guide I know has one, and that’s for good reason. Its the best of the best. Super light, super durable, and super capable of landing big fish. This is the net he not only wants, but needs.



Nipper Scizzors

An essential for trout waters, these quickly became my favorite tool for trimming tag ends, pinching barbs, and unhooking my fish.

 sufix flouro


Sufic Advance Flourocarbon

We put this line through the wringer, throwing everything from size 20 midges to big streamers up in Steamboat. Even with 4lb line, we managed to land some incredible fish including a 21” brown that swam under a slab of concrete before we could wrangle it out. To say this line is impressive does not do it justice. That being said, we will no longer be using 4lb line when throwing big streamers.

 rux storage system


Rux Storage System

Rux has designed the ultimate on-the-go storage system. It’s lightweight, packable, and weatherproof, meaning all your essentials are easily organized within their bags and are well protected from the elements. They just released their waterproof tote that doubles as a dry bag, but is just as capable for carrying your groceries.

 trout pro textured line


Orvis Trout Pro Textured Line

I purchased this line last year and it has really improved the castability of my old rod. Fly line is not something to skimp on.


sf logo 

Assorted Box of Flies

While we have some great recommendations, we highly recommend checking out your local fly shop and showing them some love this holiday season. Not only will they hook you up with the best selection of flies around, they'll have other great recommendations for your local waters.

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