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We’re launching the first ever collaboration community. Having tested out Kickstarter, we’ve learned that there’s still a gap to be bridged. We need early stage customers who are committed to helping us grow, and willing to be part of the design process. Our model enables us to work on future projects now.

This exclusive community allows invested members to show their support, share feedback and be a part of the decision making for each product we launch. Members will unlock access to discounts, early releases, and limited edition items only available to the community. By bringing our customers along throughout the design process, we can fast track our path to market and deliver a higher quality product that fits your needs, not someone else’s.

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The Name


Derived from the old french term chef, CHIEF simply means the head of a group. Our goal is to equip you to be that head. So step up, take the reigns, and lead the way. We know you’ve got what it takes.


Referring to supplies of food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey. We craft the highest quality products on the market to better equip you for the adventures to come.

Gather 'round

this is it

Design Principles


For every product we design, we focus on crafting a unique experience that sets us apart from our competition. We refuse to slap our brand on a product that we haven't honestly dedicated our time to crafting into the best provision possible.


User experience is the name of our game. Our provisions are all crafted to offer a top-of-the-line experience for a variety of use cases.


Usability without functionality is like fishing without a hook. For that reason, we incorporate thoughtful and useful features into every one of our provisions.

Here at CHIEF, we craft the best men’s outdoor gear by designing optimal user experiences to facilitate any and every adventure.


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