Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life? We've outlined 12 personas of men to capture their interests and pursuits.

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Without further ado, here's our Men's Gift Guide for the 2022 holiday season!  

-Parker Hamlin

Founder, CHIEF Provisions

The EDC Enthusiast

Everyone knows men are just large children with more expensive toys. Get them something they’re sure to appreciate this holiday season.

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The Trout Technician

These are some awesome pieces for the guy who always seems to be posting grip n grins with big beautiful trout. Fly fishing is an expensive obsession so I apologize in advance.

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The Redfish Wrangler

He’s at the coast again. Who’s surprised? These gifts are sure to encourage him to go back, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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The Overland Outdoorsman

Does he drive a truck or SUV? Does he like camping? Does he talk about going on extended road trips across the Baja desert? If so, he’s into overlanding, and the following gifts will surely make his Christmas morning. 

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The Turbulent Traveler

His 2 pm on a Wednesday Instagram posts have you questioning how he can afford anything, but he knows all the hidden gems of every town he visits. Equip his next inevitable expedition with what he really wants.

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The Photo Provider

His Instagram is more aesthetically pleasing than The Louvre, yet has almost no pictures with you in them. I can’t fix that problem, but these are some great options no matter what kind of camera he’s using.

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The Cuisine Curator

Maybe he loves to cook, or maybe this will be a subtle suggestion that he needs to learn how. Regardless of your motive, these are great additions to any kitchen.

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The Grill Guardian

Ribeyes come off his grill at 125° and his brisket rivals those of Aaron Franklin. No one has to ask who’s in charge because the tongs are in his hand and he orchestrates tailgates more effectively than your mother does Thanksgiving. Help him be the saving grace of Texas’ football season.

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Holiday Gift Guide

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