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Nest Homewares 9” Cast Iron Skillet

If you’ve ever used a cast iron skillet, you likely noticed how awkward it was to hold such a heavy pan with such a short handle. That’s where Nest’s 9” skillet comes in. Featuring a long, cherry tree inspired handle, this impressive piece of hardware will not only last generations, but will become a family heirloom thanks to its elegant design. Whether you’re cooking over a stove or a campfire, the longer handle offers not only better leverage when lifting the skillet, but also helps prevent it from overheating. Best of all, there’s also an option to include a lid, making it great for braising, cooking oatmeal or rice, or any other dish that a lid would come in handy.


LavaTools Javelin Thermometer

For the guy who is adamant about nailing a perfect medium rare every time, this is the tool for his outdoor kitchen. With precise readings,


Lucchese Leather Vest or

Manning the grill is a task that often requires constant attention, so standing outside in the cold is simply part of the job. While staying warm is important, so is preventing your sleeves from burning. I love both of these options because the supple leather wont catch embers like a polyester puffer vest, plus they look great and keep you toasty.


Smithey Dutch Oven

For the guy who believes everything tastes better outdoors, this dutch oven is ideal for tossing into the the coals without fear of chipping enamel.



Mill Scale Santa Maria

Cooking over a live fire imparts so much flavor, it’s no wonder every camping meal ends up tasting so good.


Iron Grove Western Chef’s Knife

The guys at iron grove have been forging some incredible work for years now. They feel great in hand, come out the box razor sharp, and look awesome in any kitchen. This black birch one is a favorite of mine, but their offerings rotate constantly as each piece is hand crafted in their shop in Dripping Springs, TX. Get him an heirloom that will last for generations, or better yet, sign him up to forge his own. He’ll thank you greatly.

Chud Burger/Tortilla Press


RationAle Brewing Mexican Lager

If I didn’t tell you upfront this beer is NA, you probably wouldn’t notice. Dress it up with some Ocotillo House Blend Salt, and pull those tomahawks at a perfect medium rare. Use code “CHIEFPROVISIONS” for 10% off at checkout.



Real Ale Brewing Hans Pilsner & Hill Country Bock

When I want something with a bit more body, I’m reaching for a Hill Country Bock or a Hans pilsner from my friends at Real Ale. The pilsner is crisp & refreshing, cutting right through a any fatty cut, while the Bock is essentially Goldee’s homemade white bread in a can. Delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to BBQ.

dryad tongs.webp

Small Business Spotlight

Dryad Cookery Titanium Tongs

Built to last, but built to weigh nothing