Gettin' into Golf

Gettin’ into Golf

The first time I ever played a round of golf was my college graduation weekend. After hiding my concern at what seemed to be an absurd amount to pay for a round of golf, I made my way over to the driving range to join my buddies. Not wanting to rent clubs knowing I would likely just make a fool of myself, I borrowed clubs from one of my friends and had him walk me through how to use each one. After about 10 minutes warming up at the range, I felt no more confident but proceeded to the first tee; a long bomb over a creek. You can guess where this is going. The rest of the day went about the same.

With a hot dog and a gatorade at the turn, I continued to slice my drives and miss most of my putts, but as a consolation prize, actually managed to place a few lucky chips on the green. Despite my horrendous play, I thoroughly enjoyed my day, knowing as soon as I was ready to invest in a set of clubs, I would be taking every chance I found to escape to a nearby course.

Just two months later, my first samples arrived for the QuickDraw pants I had been designing since the previous December. Seeing as it was the middle of July at this point, I knew the heat of the summer would allow these pants to shine. I quickly began showing them off to anyone who would listen, and my hopes were validated. The resounding response was that these would make for some awesome golf pants!

What sealed the deal was a conversation with a family member who had called me wanting to buy the two other colors of pants, having fallen in love with his first pair. After explaining what he liked about them so much, he suggested I consider adding a way to carry all the pocket golf essentials including tees, ball markers, and divot tools. While my solution* to that problem is still in the works, I figured I should take the time and play some more regular golf to generate feedback, better learn the game, and have some fun along the way.

Equipped with a set of clubs graciously gifted to me by a close friend, I went back out to the links for the first time in over two years just a few weeks ago. We played the Hancock Park Municipal Golf Course underneath the eclipse and had a great time. My iron game feels like its improving, I finally learned to hit a driver, and actually sank some decent putts.

There’s something thrilling about continuously trying to improve my game, one weekend at a time. If you happen to see me out on the course, make sure to say hi, and by all means, please share any tips & tricks you’ve utilized to help improve your game as well. #thisisit

*P.S. Keep your eyes on our Innovation Lab to be the first to see our Birdie-in-Hand Divot Tool when it drops

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