The Team


Parker Hamlin

I'm a Texas native but I spend half my year in Steamboat Springs. I grew up with a love for all things adventure, whether it was exploring our neighborhood creek or moving to Amsterdam for two years made no difference to me.

My hope is that CHIEF would inspire the same love for adventure in others.

The Mission

Here at CHIEF, we are designing the highest quality provisions for any & every adventure.

Our commitment is to your mission success.

The Story

When I started CHIEF back in 2018, I was simply trying to design a better waterproof backpack. I needed a more secure way to carry my gear while on the water. The summer prior, I lost my footing and took a trip down the River in Steamboat Springs, CO. As you can guess, my phone was destroyed and my gear was soaked, but I was grateful to have made it out alive. I spent the next year designing my ideal waterproof backpack.

Although, it’s still a piece of art on my desktop, and the dust-collecting prototypes are still sitting in my closet, it’s about time that changed. In December 2020, after leaving my job in Houston, I knew I needed to bring this brand to life.

So I began working, and created our Quickdraw pants, the first product in our arsenal. They are the result of our efforts to produce a pair of pants as capable on the water as they are in your daily life. Pick up a pair through our preorders and we will do our best to have them on your doorstep by December 2022.

As for the backpack, we are back to the drawing board. If you’re interested in following along, subscribe to our email list below and you’ll be the first to know what we’re up to. Rather join a community of likeminded individuals who are just as passionate about the outdoors and great gear? Check out our collaboration community. In short, we work directly with our most invested individuals to bring about gear that directly meets their needs. Regardless of how you choose to be involved, we are glad you’re here.

Our commitment to you is that every product we design will deliver an unmatched user experience that truly enhances your experience out there. Whatever your pursuit, be it your morning commute or GTs in the South Pacific, we are here to equip you with the very best provisions for your adventure. Our hope is that we can preserve the wild places we’ve grown so fond of by stirring the same affection deep down in your soul.

May mountains move before you,
Parker Hamlin
Founder, CHIEF Provisions

The Name


Derived from the old french term chef, CHIEF simply means the head of a group. Our goal is to equip you to be that head. So step up, take the reigns, and lead the way. We know you’ve got what it takes.


Referring to supplies of food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey. We craft the highest quality products on the market to better equip you for the adventures to come.

The Process

Design Principles


For every product we design, we focus on crafting a unique experience that sets us apart from our competition. We refuse to slap our brand on a product that we haven't honestly dedicated our time to crafting into the best provision possible.


User experience is the name of our game. Our provisions are all crafted to offer a top-of-the-line experience for a variety of use cases.


Usability without functionality is like fishing without a hook. For that reason, we incorporate thoughtful and useful features into every one of our provisions.