2023 Update

Year in review

A year of beginnings. Having launched and successfully funded our first Kickstarter, filled the first orders, and finally generated revenue for CHIEF, things really got moving in the right direction. Even with COVID lockdowns overseas leading to delays, we still were able to meet the deadline for Kickstarter orders which felt awesome. People really love the pants and I have heard nothing but positive feedback. 

The truth is, progress comes slowly in this game, and 2022 in particular was a year of patience. Everything required my attention yet I felt I had none to spare, but consequently everything seemed to take forever.There will be days, weeks, and months when nothing seems to happen, but I’ve been nothing short of relentless in my pursuit. I always told myself there was no going back, but each step brings its own challenges and a new level of patience, often leading me to feel overwhelmed once again. Going it alone as a founder can be quite the struggle. The sense of loneliness and self-doubt often echoes louder than any of the wins. Nonetheless, I feel things are being woven together, and that’s an exciting feeling, albeit hard to describe.

All in all, 2022 was a whirlwind. Kicking things off in Steamboat once again, the year led me around the world as I explored Texas, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, the Carolinas, Croatia, and Colorado. From chasing stripers below Possum Kingdom to cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, things got wild and memories were made. When I say our QuickDraw pants were designed for any & every adventure, I really mean it, and I have made sure to put that to the test. Here’s to hoping you’ll give them a shot in 2023!

Looking ahead 

2023 is our year for action. I want to set the right systems in motion, especially my marketing and product development. Content will be crucial and products must be perfect. Trade shows are lined up, and I am excited to let y’all see and feel our QuickDraw pants as we tour across the country. My goal is to ensure that everyone who interacts with our booth walks away smiling. We’ve got lots of fun things planned for each show, so make sure to come see us if you’re in the area. I will share the schedule once it is finalized. 

We are pushing hard to get as many people in QuickDraw pants as we can this year. If you know someone who would love a pair, now’s the time to grab a few. We are offering 10% off all new orders using promo code “FIRSTORDER”. This code won’t last long though, so make sure to take advantage of it quickly. 

Our main goal this year is to meet as many of y’all as possible and hear about what products y’all want us to be working on. I’ve got so many planned that it’s hard to figure out what to focus on first. Look out for our In the Works/Innovation Lab (we’re still working on a name) tab coming to the website soon, where you’ll be able to learn more about our upcoming projects. I think y’all are going to love it. 

Lastly, we want to see pictures of you in your QuickDraw pants! Make sure to share on social media and tag us @chiefprovisions with #thisisit. If you haven’t joined the discord, I will bump that here. It’s the best place to share in on the fun adventures that we try so hard to create.

May mountains move before you,

Parker Hamlin

Founder, CHIEF Provisions LLC

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