April 2023 Update


April brought new adventures. With friends visiting from out of town, we hosted an All Things Austin Adventure where I spent 63 hours in a single pair of QuickDraw pants and explored all the best parts of Austin. With a dip in Barton Springs, Texas Honey Ham breakfast tacos, a round at Butler Pitch & Putt, and numerous other great activities, we really put our pants to the test and to no one’s surprise they performed spectacularly. Be on the lookout for a recap of all our fun. Additionally, I drove the 21 hours from Austin to West Palm Beach, Florida for the Florida Outdoor Expo. Met a bunch of cool people, sold some pants, chased some iguanas, and caught some fish. I can’t wait to go back. To tie it all up, I finished the month in Dallas for our friends’ wedding. You can bet I sported a pair of QuickDraw pants at the Rehearsal Dinner Post Toast. 


Sales have slowed down a bit and I am looking for ways to optimize my online presence and better display our product at shows. Maintaining our brand image is our highest priority, but having consistent revenue is extremely important as we all know.


If you or someone you know would be interested in helping out with our SEO and online marketing, I would love to chat. Secondly, summer is a month away so make sure to grab your QuickDraw pants now and beat the heat. Having your own personal oasis is pretty hard to beat. Lastly, please give us a follow on Instagram, and join our community on Discord

May mountains move before you,

Parker Hamlin

Founder,  CHIEF Provisions LLC

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