Introducing our QuickDraw Shorts (Live on Kickstarter)

Over the past year, we've been asked countless times if we could make shorts.

Of course, the answer was always a resounding yes. And they're finally here.


Without further adieu, allow me to introduce our QuickDraw Shorts.


We set out with a goal of designing shorts for any & every adventure. They needed to be as capable on the golf green as the were a garage gym. They had to dry fast and kick a$$. 

Ultimately, we blended the comfort & versatility of your favorite athletic shorts with the refined aesthetics of golf shorts. They're amphibious in nature and therefore thrive in or out of the water.

Made from the same Oasis fabric you know & love, our QuickDraw shorts keep you cool & comfortable under the Texas sun, but dry almost as fast as they get wet if you decide to take a dip.

Better yet, they also offer unmatched durability while remaining as lightweight as possible. No matter where your adventures lead you, you'll be sure to enjoy your journey.

Of course, we couldn’t call them true provisions without adding a few unique features of our own.


First on our list, we are excited to share our reversible waistband. The first of its kind, this innovative solution offers unmatched comfort & versatility, allowing the shorts to be worn with a belt when rolled in, or tied for a more athletic look & feel when rolled out. Want to get a quick lift in after practicing your short game? No need for a full locker room change, just flip the waistband and you’re ready to go.


Next up, we've got our pocket catch. If you're like the rest of us who experience gravity, you have inevitably had your phone slide out of your front pocket when sitting down. Maybe it's as you get in the car, where all you can do is watch your phone plummet into the depth of that annoying space between your seat and center console. Regardless of when or where, it's a frustrating experience and one we wanted to prevent from ever happening again. Our pocket catch does just that. In short, it stops your phone and other essentials from falling out by catching them in the top corner of the pocket. Best of all this won’t get in the way when you need to quickly answer a call. 


Last but not least on our list of new features is our secure rear pockets. There’s no denying, added security when traveling offers peace of mind. We knew we needed to add zippers to our pockets, but were hesitant to force a zipper on anyone. This solution offers a hidden zipper behind the main rear pockets to ensure your valuables stay safe and secure on your every adventure, but out of the way when unneeded.


These features are just the icing on the cake for these shorts. But don't take my word for it. Go check them out for yourself over on Kickstarter. They're available for preorder right today!



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