January 2023 Update



Reviews are coming in, and people are as happy as I could have hoped! We really appreciate everyone taking time to leave reviews, send us a message, or comment on social media. It means the world to us and we hope to see more involvement from our community in the future. We’ve also submitted the tech pack for our QuickDraw shorts, and will hopefully have prototypes soon. Be on the lookout for some sneak peaks of the shorts on our Instagram and Discord soon! 


While we were hoping to receive the rest of our pre-order in January, the delivery is now scheduled for late February. Lucky for y’all, there is now more time to place a preorder using the code FIRSTORDER for 10% off. In all honesty, the most difficult part of not having product on hand is the waiting process. Now that we are kicking off our third year since we began designing the QuickDraw pants, the pressure can feel overwhelming at times, but just know we are prepared for the marathon. 


First, if you are planning on ordering a pair of QuickDraw pants, now is the best time! Not only will you save 10%, but you’ll also receive your order before anyone who purchases the pants once they go live on our site. Secondly, if you have any questions, please reach out! We love hearing from y’all and want to steer our brand to best accommodate our community. Your opinion is highly valued, so please reach out and engage with us as much as you can. Right now, Instagram is the best space to engage with us, but we are slowly moving towards our community on Discord. It’s a great space to handle separate channels for the various topics/interests of our community. Hope to see y’all there!

May mountains move before you,

Parker Hamlin

Founder,  CHIEF Provisions LLC

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