The Grill Guardian

Ribeyes come off his grill at 125° and his brisket rivals those of Aaron Franklin. No one has to ask who’s in charge because the tongs are in his hand and he orchestrates tailgates more effectively than your mother does Thanksgiving.

Mill Scale 94 Gallon Offset Smoker

If it’s good enough for the pro, it’s good enough for him. His idea of a perfect day is watching wagyu brisket transform into perfection over 12 hours? This is what he needs.

Looft Lighter

Charcoal obviously tastes better, but getting it started can be a pain. Looft lighter makes it a heck of a lot easier to get started. MeatEater is running a sale of $100 off right now, but I’m not sure how long it will last. If his grill is near an outlet, it’s worth considering the wired version and saving some cash.

Blackstone 4-burner 36’’ Griddle

Eggs? Bacon? Grits? Sausage? Smash burgers? What can’t he cook on this thing? While I am partial to a charcoal grill flavor wise, nothing beats the versatility of a griddle. I used the portable one on a road trip throughout the Rockies and it absolutely made our trip. 

Pecos Table

You might be asking yourself, “why on God’s green earth would anyone need a $700 table?” This is actually a great question and one I would love to answer, but first, let me introduce you to the Bills mafia. These ruffians seem to have an affinity for cheap plastic tables and if you let one into your house during football season, there is truly no protecting your folding table. That is unless you have a Pecos table. Enough said. If anyone from Pecos reads this, that’s a perfect super bowl ad in the making. 

Grill Press 

No need to overthink this one. It’s simply a heavy piece of metal perfect for smash burgers, quesadillas, burritos, or even crunchwraps.

Lamson Signature Griddle Turners

Made in America? Check. Durable stainless steel? Check. Lasts a lifetime? Check. What’s not to love?

Calphalon Cast Iron 12’’

Another home run here from calphalon. I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of cast iron, do I? Just grab one now and thank me later. 

Stainless Steel Cooler with Detachable Tub

Unless you have an outdoor fridge, keeping the grill guardian hydrated should be a priority to those waiting on the masterpiece he’s been crafting since 5 am. Fill it with beverages and ice to ensure succulent success. 

Stanley Cup

It seems we’ve come full circle now that stanley is back on top in the world of thermoses. While I’m not entirely sure why these are the hottest things around, they are, and he probably wants one. Grab one before they’re sold out, again.

ThermoPro TP08 Remote Meat Thermometer 

Nailing a brisket on the smoker every time is no easy task. Do him a favor and leave one of these in his stocking, or better yet, save your turkey and grab one today! 

Turtlebox Speaker

First off, this thing is loud. It really makes a name for itself and is a welcome addition to any adventure. Keep the tunes rolling for hours on end with this beast.


Pocket Knife

Spyderco SpydieChef

The real mvp of the kitchen is the knife that does all the dirty work. When he’s out in the field without his wonderful chef knife, the SpydieChef makes about as great a replacement as one could hope for from a folding knife. Ergonomically designed to mimic the shape and feel of a chef’s knife, this little workhorse is a welcome addition to any knife roll.

CRKT Minimalist Cleaver

I picked up one of these and was seriously impressed with the punch packed by such a little knife. The cleaver blade shape makes it ideal for food prep in a pinch. 

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