Looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life? We've outlined multiple personas and hand selected provisions for each one we know he can trust on his next excursion. We even threw in some great stocking stuffers as well.

If you still need advice after searching through this guide, please reach out and we'd be happy to help. More than anything, we just want this to be a helpful resource for those trying to bless their loved ones.

Without further ado, I'd like to present our Gift Guide for the 2023 holiday season!

The Trout Technician

Does he pack a fly rod on every trip, just in case? If so these are the gift ideas you're looking for. 

P.S. Be sure to swing by your local fly shop this holiday season. Not only will they have the most curated options for local waters, but you won't have to worry about his gift arriving on time.

Set the hook

The Turbulent Traveler

It’s 9 am on a Tuesday but he’s somehow on the other side of the world. He’ll leave you questioning how he can afford anything, but he knows all the hidden gems and picks up a new language like it’s nothing. Equip his next inevitable expedition with what he really wants.

Wheels up

The Overland Outdoorsman

Does he drive a truck or SUV? Does he like camping? Does he talk about going on extended road trips across the Baja desert? If so, he’s into overlanding, and the following gifts will surely make his Christmas morning. 

Forge ahead

The Grill Guardian

Ribeyes come off his grill at 125° and his brisket rivals those of Aaron Franklin. No one has to ask who’s in charge because the tongs are in his hand and he orchestrates tailgates more effectively than your mother does Thanksgiving.

Fire it up

The Cuisine Curator

These gifts are for the guy whose idea of a good time is a dinner party for his friends. He's always working on a recipe, his fridge looks like a fermentation lab, and he definitely mastered sourdough during the pandemic. At least it's an obsession everyone can enjoy.


The Slope Shredder

Somehow he’s always on the side of a mountain. Snow seems to follow him and he follows the best lines of every run. You won’t keep up with him, but it’s worth ensuring he’s having a blast.

Lead the way

Stocking Stuffers

A bunch of awesome things that fit into a sock. Some are tasty snacks, some are perfect for an everyday carry. Regardless, they're all highly recommended.

Stuff that sock

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