The Turbulent Traveler

His 2 pm on a Wednesday Instagram posts have you questioning how he can afford anything, but he knows all the hidden gems of every town he visits. Equip his next inevitable expedition with what he really wants.

 aeropress go


Aeropress Go

Coffee is essential for travel if you ask me. For days that don’t offer access to a local coffee shop,  the Aeropress Go is the perfect tool for a quick cuppa joe. With the ability to brew both espresso and drip coffee, this lightweight gadget brings the barista outdoors. Wanna take your coffee game even higher? Check out these filters from aesir and get the best results from your brew → Aesir filters .


flux adapt runner


Flux Footwear Adapt Runner

Finding a pair of shoes to comfortably stand in all day is a tough task, but these adapt runner’s from flux are perfect for just that. They are light enough to not add excessive weight to your luggage, comfortable enough for days where you don't stop moving, and capable enough for a fair bit of exercise.

 philips norelco


Philips OneBlade

A great travel size razor/trimmer. It’s so much smaller than a lot of the options out there, plus it’s hard to lose thanks to the neon green.


bellroy travel folio 

Bellroy Passport Travel Folio

Trying to juggle a passport, multiple cards, and foreign cash is a bit of a challenge when traveling overseas. I really like this zippered solution from bellroy that can be tucked away safely in any bag without anything falling out. 


bellroy lite sling


Bellroy Lite Sling

When a backpack is too much and your pockets are too little, this handy bag comes in clutch. Not only does it pack super lite making it easy to toss into your luggage, but it also carries quite a bit of stuff and can be tucked under a jacket in crowded areas to avoid pickpockets. A great addition to any overseas travel kit.

 spier & mackay overcoat


Spier & Mackay Overcoat

A full wool overcoat is particularly nice this time of year. I really dig the Rust Herringbone & the Gray & Navy Prince of Wales Check.

sony xm5


Sony XM5s

Traveling without noise canceling headphones is a nightmare. These are a dream come true. They remain comfortable after hours of wear all while drowning out the noise of any environment. Forget to charge them until right before your flight? 3 minutes of charging provides 3 hours of listening time, all thanks to Sony's quick charge technology.


Anker Portable Charger

Travel is tough when your devices run out of battery. This one provides multiple charges to your phone to keep you running for days on end.


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